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WFR and Survival Skills Course
June 13 - July 3, 2023

A true challenge our Wilderness First Responder (WFR) and survival skills course is a chance to not only learn the skills it takes to survive and thrive in a harsh environment but also to do so safely with a group or on your own. This course takes us deep into the Taiga for a true backcountry experience, making it a perfect classroom for WFR and survival skills.


*A minimum of 5 students must sign up for this course by May 1, 2023 in order for it to run

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This immersive 14-Day course is not only a chance to learn a skill set that will serve you well outside of Mongolia but also a great opportunity to test those skills in the real world. The Mongolian Taiga, a 3-day trip from Ulaanbaatar, is one of the most remote locations on earth which is the perfect classroom for our purposes. You will not only learn medical and survival skills on this trip but also be asked to apply them in real world situations designed to not only test you but also reinforce the wealth of knowledge offered by our instructors. Only accessible by horseback or on foot the Taiga is a spectacular backdrop full of wildlife, difficult terrain and of course our friends and partners the Tsaatan people.

Although the class is taught in English and by our medically trained staff we will be tapping into the traditional knowledge of the area, utilizing the age-old skills and methods of our Tsaatan guides and partners to supplement the WFR curriculum. This one-of-a-kind adventure is challenging mentally and physically and provides a unique experience, a chance to learn and practice skills in the kind of remote location you may find yourself needing them in.

This course is in collaboration with Nomad Science a non for profit which has organized international research projects and interdisciplinary research programs in the Darkhad Depression for 10 years.


Email for inquiries and to sign up for the course!

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