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About Us

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Welcome to SEEK Travels—an authentic Mongolian adventure company, born from the love story between an American-Mongolian couple. We're a passionate, family-run small business that offers slower and more intentional means of travel experiences.

Our purpose transcends tourism—we're committed to preserving Mongolia's wild places and nomadic traditions that have shaped this land for centuries. At SEEK Travels, we strive to connect people to the heart of Mongolia by fostering a deep appreciation for its backcountry and its people. If you are someone who is genuinely curious about Mongolia and the lives of nomadic people, and someone who shares our passion for immersive, meaningful journeys, you are in the right place!



Hello! We are Ryan and Ari, founders and operators of SEEK Travels, a husband-and-wife team, outfitters, tour operators, entrepreneurs, outdoor enthusiasts and lovers of all things Mongolia. We started this business in 2021 after years of exploring and traveling Mongolia in search of 3 things: real people, real connections and real experiences.


We firmly believe that the true beneficiaries of Mongolia's tourism industry should be the land and its people. Having experienced the inner workings of the tourism industry firsthand, we've observed that much of the profits leave Mongolia and don’t make a direct impact on the lives of locals. The local communities, who generously share their culture and warmly welcome tourists, often receive only a fraction. At SEEK Travels, we always strive to make a positive impact on the environment and wildlife as well as to contribute to the wellbeing of lives of locals either through fair wage or initiatives to empower and strengthen the capacity of community members.



At SEEK Travels, we are not interested in offering fly-by tours, where you rush through an experience and barely scratch the surface. Our aim is to provide a real, authentic connection to Mongolia. We invite you to immerse yourself in the land's natural beauty, delve into its history, and share moments with the Mongolian people, friends and colleagues who have graciously welcomed us into their lives.

Our Team

Our team here at SEEK Travels is comprised of Mongolian and American partners who share a love of Mongolia and its wild places.

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