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Eagle Festival & Altai Tavan
Bogd Trip

Dates: September 26 - October 10, 2024

Price: $4,500

Group Limit 10

Early bird Special Sign up before February 1st for 10% discount. Group of 2 discount 5% each, 3 or more 10% each


Prepare to embark on a legendary journey to the captivating landscapes of Bayan Ulgii province in Western Mongolia. Here, you'll step into a realm where the fabled eagle hunters dwell, living as true modern-day heroes of Kazakh culture. This awe-inspiring 14-day adventure is your exclusive ticket to not just meet, but to live alongside these extraordinary characters and learn their ancient art of hunting with majestic eagles during the crisp, glorious days of fall.


Your journey begins with the breathtaking Altai Tavan Bogd National Park, where towering peaks and pristine glaciers await your exploration. As fall weaves its tapestry of colors, you'll be immersed in a landscape of ever-changing beauty. Along the way, you'll have the privilege of staying with local families, gaining insight into the Kazakh Eagle Hunters' daily life, and experiencing the warmth of their hospitality.

But the adventure doesn't stop there! You'll also attend the Golden Eagle Festival, where you'll delve deep into their world, discovering the age-old techniques they employ to train and utilize these magnificent birds of prey in pursuit of fur-bearing animals in the harsh winter months. The eagle hunters are not just living legends; they are living encyclopedias of their unique way of life. You'll camp under the expansive Mongolian skies, and share stories around the campfire, forging bonds with these remarkable individuals as they generously open their world to you.


Prepare for a journey that blends cultural immersion with natural wonder in a land where legends come to life. Join us on this fabulous fall adventure in Western Mongolia, where every day promises a new chapter in your story of exploration, and where the spirit of adventure meets the heart of the eagle hunters' way of life.

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