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Our Philosophy

Mutual Respect and Learning

At the heart of our company lies a core value: mutual respect and learning. We firmly believe that every individual has something valuable to offer, and continuous learning from one another and embracing new experiences is key. This philosophy is why local people—our friends and the people from the countryside—are not the community we just visit, but our teachers, instructors, and invaluable guardians of traditional skills and values.


We believe that local people who continue to practice traditional ways of living hold the power to preserve and share their knowledge with others who appreciate and understand the value of these customs, including adventurers like you from all around the world. Our travelers are encouraged to share their knowledge and skills with the locals, while also embracing the opportunity to learn from them in return. It's a two-way exchange that enriches both our adventurers and the local communities we engage with.

Backcountry Knowledge and Skills Are for Everyone

We believe that backcountry skills are for everyone. Learning how to live in harmony with the land, surviving in challenging weather conditions, harks back to the very essence of our humanity. Despite the modern conveniences that surround us, we must not forget these fundamental abilities. Embracing the outdoors, being close to the land, and pushing our physical and mental limits can bring individuals a profound sense of peace, purpose, and fulfillment. It's these invaluable experiences that we aim to share with others.

Positive Impact

We firmly believe that the true beneficiaries of Mongolia's tourism industry should be the land and its people. Having experienced the inner workings of the tourism industry firsthand, we've observed that much of the profits leave Mongolia and don’t make a direct impact on the lives of locals. The local communities, who generously share their culture and warmly welcome tourists, often receive only a fraction through meager earnings from inexpensive souvenirs or guiding.


At SEEK Travels, we always strive to make a positive impact on the environment and wildlife as well as to contribute to the wellbeing of lives of locals either through fair wage or initiatives to empower and strengthen the capacity of community members. In designing our trips, these fundamental questions guide us: How can this benefit the community and the environment? Will this have any adverse effects? Our objective is to invest a portion of our profits into community and conservation projects as we grow bigger.

Slower and More Intentional Means of Travel

At SEEK Travels, we are not interested in offering fly-by tours, where you rush through an experience and barely scratch the surface. Our aim is to provide a real, authentic connection to Mongolia. We invite you to immerse yourself in the land's natural beauty, delve into its history, and share moments with the Mongolian people, friends and colleagues who have graciously welcomed us into their lives.

We're advocates of slow tourism, firmly opposing the fast-paced, consumerist luxury trend. Our philosophy revolves around the pursuit of purposeful experiences and the creation of meaningful moments. You won't find tightly packed schedules of conventional sightseeing tours in our offerings. What we provide is an opportunity for a profound connection with the places you visit, an invitation to savor the essence of a location and its people.

By embracing this approach, we provide the opportunity to deepen your understanding of a place, creating a stronger emotional connection. Additionally, this style of travel promotes sustainability and environmental responsibility, allowing you to engage with local cultures, preserve natural habitats, and support the well-being of local communities. It also enables you to enjoy a more relaxed and enriching journey, free from the rush and stress often associated with traditional tourism.

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