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Our Story

Hello! We are Ryan and Ari, founders and operators of SEEK Travels, a husband-and-wife team, outfitters, tour operators, entrepreneurs, outdoor enthusiasts and lovers of all things Mongolia. We started this business in 2021 after years of exploring and traveling Mongolia in search of 3 things: real people, real connections and real experiences. 

In 2016, Ryan’s life took a remarkable turn when he first set foot in this land of vast horizons and long lasting traditions. Mongolia, with its breathtaking landscapes, profound history, and vibrant culture, became the canvas for his dreams. He arrived with a passionate heart, craving to explore the natural beauty and to uncover the depths of the culture. Then he met Ari and his adventures became their adventures, and as they explored Ari’s homeland, their love for Mongolia deepened and grew. Together, they wanted to do more to explore, learn, contribute and share.

Before meeting Ryan, Ari was a city girl, born and raised amidst the urban hustle. However, she harbored a deep curiosity about the wilderness and the lifestyles of rural people. Accompanying her grandpa on trips to the countryside during her younger years, she was captivated by the simple yet profound lives of those who live close to the land. Her curiosity and passion ignited when she encountered someone much like herself—someone genuinely hungry for new experiences and deeply fascinated by the Mongolian backcountry and its history from a young age.


We traveled to the farthest corners of Mongolia on the back of a horse taking a slower and more intentional means of travel. This allowed us to foster ideas, relationships and most importantly an appreciation and understanding of this spectacular country and its people. Our shared love for discovery and thirst for understanding the heart of this unique land laid the foundation for SEEK Travels. Over the years, our passions transformed into skills that now define SEEK Travels. At the core of these skills is horsemanship, which remains to this day a defining characteristic in Mongolian culture.

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