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Extreme Weather Reindeer Migration Trip

Dates: April 15 - May 1

Deadline to sign up: February 1, 2024

Price: $2,950

Group Limit: 5

Group of 2 discount 5% each, 3 or more 10% each


Calling all intrepid souls! Are you ready to test your mettle against the wilds of Mongolia's remote western Taiga? This is not a journey for the faint of heart; it's a true adventure that will push the limits of even the most determined travelers. Our late April expedition will see a small group of hearty adventurers, in the company of experienced Tsaatan guides, embarking on an epic mission - assisting local reindeer herders in their annual herd migration.

Every winter, a vital tradition unfolds as reindeer herders guide their precious herds higher into the rugged mountains of Taiga, in search of lush pastures with lichen. With unwavering dedication, they stand guard for weeks in extreme weather conditions, braving the elements and protecting their reindeer from the fiercest of predators, including the elusive wolves. 'Otor' in Mongolian tradition is the practice of relocating the herds to fertile pastures.

This exclusive journey will allow you to truly become a part of the reindeer 'Otor.' It is a chance to witness and experience the resilience of both these unique creatures and the devoted herders as they navigate the depths of winter. Join the awe-inspiring migration, as the reindeer herders skillfully guide their cherished companions down from the towering mountain peaks in the spring.

As we delve deep into the rugged Taiga on the back of reindeer, with our trusty Tsataan guides leading the way, we'll face the full force of nature's challenges. Picture yourself amidst driving snow, enduring extreme cold, and riding reindeer through the untamed wilderness. Our goal? To guide the community reindeer herd from their winter pasture to the more accessible spring grounds. This is not your ordinary trip; it's a test of endurance and resilience.


While we provide the necessary gear and support, this expedition will challenge you like no other. Adventurers will camp in tents, sleep under the starry Mongolian sky, and be at the mercy of the elements throughout the journey. And here's the clincher – one of our reindeer herding partners personally requested this trip because they believe it's a spectacle worth experiencing. So, if you're ready to embrace the wild, to ride with the reindeer, and to be a part of something truly extraordinary, join us for this remarkable adventure in late April. It's an experience that will redefine your limits and leave you with a lifetime of memories.

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7 days
on reindeer

5 people

weather conditions

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