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Our Trips & Services

Guided Trips, Courses and Workshops

Ryan and Ari, the founders and operators of SEEK Travels, personally design and lead each trip, together with partners and local friends, tailoring them to align with our traveller's and clients' unique needs, desires, and expectations. We aim to craft sustainable journeys that prioritize minimal environmental impact and foster the well-being of the local communities.

Although we offer a diverse array of trips and travels, our ultimate goal is simple yet profound – for you to leave Mongolia with a deep sense of satisfaction and a thirst for more knowledge and adventure. We achieve this through guided trips, workshops, and courses led by expert instructors in their respective fields.


Our class-based approach means that every adventure is not only a trip but a chance to learn specifically crafted skills and knowledge throughout the course of your journey. Through our trips, you won't just visit places—you'll forge profound connections by engaging in hands-on activities, participating in community events and experiencing the life of a Mongolian nomad.

Logistical Support for Scientific Trips 

In addition, we offer logistical support for scientific expeditions and tailored services for researchers and academics conducting research trips in Mongolia. We understand and align with our clients' research objectives. From pre-trip goal setting to detailed logistical planning, we're dedicated to ensuring seamless and successful collaborations at every step of the journey. Beyond research, we ensure our partners fully immerse themselves in Mongolian culture while they work. Balancing science with cultural enrichment, we create unforgettable experiences that foster understanding and appreciation.

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