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Welcome to the Mongolian Backcountry

Our classroom, our home, a place worth sharing, protecting and cherishing. Join SEEK Travels for the adventure and learning experience of a lifetime in one of the most remote places on earth.

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Even with the experience of many seasons of ethnoarchaeological fieldwork with Indigenous partners in Siberia, and archaeological work in various parts of Mongolia, this trip was one of the most beautiful, successful and interesting ones I have ever participated in. The entire international group lead by Ryan, Ari and the Tsaatan and Mongolian guides and organisers formed an amazing team. Due to the long-standing connections and friendships of Ryan and Ari with the members in the local communities, the group was always welcome and integrated in a lovely way into the family settlements in the mountains.

Henny Piezonka

Professor at the Institute of Prehistoric Archaeology, Free University Berlin

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Welcome to SEEK Travels—an authentic Mongolian adventure company, born from the love story between an American-Mongolian couple. We're a passionate, family-run small business that offers slower and more intentional means of travel experiences.

Our purpose transcends tourism—we're committed to preserving Mongolia's wild places and nomadic traditions that have shaped this land for centuries. At SEEK Travels, we strive to connect people to the heart of Mongolia by fostering a deep appreciation for its backcountry and its people. If you are someone who is genuinely curious about Mongolia and the lives of nomadic people, and someone who shares our passion for immersive, meaningful journeys, you are in the right place!



Hello! We are Ryan and Ari, founders and operators of SEEK Travels, a husband-and-wife team, outfitters, tour operators, entrepreneurs, outdoor enthusiasts and lovers of all things Mongolia. We started this business in 2021 after years of exploring and traveling Mongolia in search of 3 things: real people, real connections and real experiences.


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